Where’s the best gumbo in New Orleans? Ask Arthur!

The most asked food and restaurant question I hear from guests is "Where can I get good gumbo?" Besides your momma's kitchen, I always say, really good gumbo is surprisingly hard to find around New Orleans. As a general guide to your search, it is wise to avoid any establishment with the words Gumbo, Creole, or Cajun in the name -- except for this place, Today's Cajun Seafood, in the can't-miss turquoise shack on St. Claude Avenue on the fringe of both the French Quarter and Marigny. 

The gumbo at Today's Cajun Seafood is a rich medley of crab, shrimp, chicken and sausage. They don't skimp on any of these protein elements and you are sure to get nice chunk of one or the other with every spoonful. The liquids are exceptional too, perfectly seasoned  with a soupy texture and mottled-camo color. This indicates a light roux as the base which, in my book anyway, is a lot closer to homemade than the thick, dark brown, flour-saturated mixture that passes for gumbo elsewhere.  

The "dining room" here is dim and depressing, so you'll probably want your gumbo to go. It comes in pints (a decent meal) or quarts (enough for two, or save half for later). With a side of their delicious corn bread and a drink, your tab will come to about $11 or $12.

If you need more encouragement to try Today's Cajun Seafood, check out the parking area out front. Packed, as always, a sign of good gumbo inside.